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Whose distinquished and Oscar winning film career might never had began if it wasn't for a role as a paraplegic in 1950?

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Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando headshot

Before Marlon Brando ever did a movie he was a huge star on Broadway. He was courted by Hollywood many times and with lucrative deals! But he felt movies were not the same caliber as the theatre.

On a break from his Broadway acting he planned a relaxing trip to France. His agent begged him to take a look at a new script from Hollywood. Reluctantly Marlon agreed and the agent got him the script. Marlon read it on the flight over the Atlantic and as soon as he landed he called his agent and said he definitely wanted to do this film!

The film was called, "The Men." It was about paraplegic men who were wounded in war and rehabing in the States.
So although he wasn't an authentic representation of the character, had it not been for this script and role appealing to Marlon, we might not have ever seen him in his famous revival of his broadway character in the film version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", or the great performances in "The Wild One", "On the Waterfront", "The Godfather" or "Apocalypse Now"!

Brando in The Godfather

Source: This information was from my memory(Larry N. Sapp II) of it being told on AMC before they went to commercials when the host, Bob Dorian gave the info before and after the movie was broadcast.

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Featured Actors

Here we would like to celebrate, highlight and feature actors with a disability. Actors with a disability have struggled far more then able bodied actors. Many times taking roles that are stereotypical or token roles in the background with no speaking parts. That way those who hired them can say they have hired a person with a disability. Interesting is that most that have the hiring power in Hollywood have this incorrect thought that performers with a disability are only qualified for roles that were specifically written as a character with a disability. Yet think back to films that featured a character that was written with a disability. "Coming Home" "Born of the Fourth of July" "The Waterdance" "The Bone Collector" "Passion Fish" "The Silver Bullet" All of these and more have hired abled bodied actors in those roles.

So if those actors who live with a disability can only be hired for those roles and all of those roles only go to able bodied actors, where do they go to fulfill a portion of the hunger they have to express their talents in acting?

Abilities United Productions is working to change all of that. All of our films and television projects feature characters with a disability and will only hire those with the same or similar disability to portray them.

Here on this page we are featuring them to put a face to these actors - some that you may recognize from their limited roles but who are struggling to get work and have the added challenge of being denied access to work or even an audition in many cases. This is not a case of one or two actors with a disability. Read in the column to the left about the 2005 Report published by the Screen Actors Guild on this continuing problem. Here are the faces of just some of the many talented, ambitious and at the very least deserving of an Equal Opportunity audition. This list below begins with those that have contacted me and/or have established a working and personal relationship with me and Abilities United Productions. Then I have listed some who I have not been in contact or most likey waiting to hear back from as I have communicated with their agents and/or managers. Additional info on them can be found at the website until I hear back from them and then I will make a page to highlight their careers and ambitions. Meanwhile there are a LOT of others who are out there and some I know of and some I cannot wait to know of so enjoy and return to see updates regularly!

Tom Muxie
Keith Cavill
Santina Muha
Tom Muxie
  Santina Muha

Danny Murphy
Gavin Miller
Kurt Yaeger
Danny Murphy
Gavin Miller
Kurt Yaeger
Adele Farquhar
Dave Nicholls
Daryl Mitchell
Dave Nicholls
Dave Nicholls
Mitch Longley

Rob Romani
London title

If you are an actor (male or female) with a physical disAbility and would like to be featured here send your picture, resume and/or your aspirations in the entertainment industry, and a little about yourself. Send them to:



Although our current focus is on those with a mobility disability we will feature actors with other physical disabilities in the future as soon as we are positioned and established as the premier motion picture and television production company that provides an authentic voice and representation while featuring those with a disability.

Meanwhile if you are, or know someone who is an actor with a disability and would like to be featured here at Abilities United Productions, the unofficial Home of Hollywood with Disabilities, please contact us at Give us some details on your work or aspiration of working as an actor, a picture, contact information(which we will only use internally and will not be published here on the website or any other means) and a little about your dreams of acting and working in the entertainment industry.

In addition to actors, we are interested in others who wish to work in the industry. Please send us info if you are working or aspiring to work in any of the many other essential roles within the motion picture and television industry. Stunt personel, cinematographers, grips, hair & makeup, writers, directors, producers. Any and all with a physical disability are welcome.

Remember - All Characters All Abilities All Entertainment and All Together we will make this happen!



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