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Actors often find a rewarding and successful career in films. But Hollywood which touts itself as being some of the most inclusive groups in society, have shunned and discriminated against their own merely because of a disability.

For most in the industry it is really something that is invisible to them until there is one of the few roles specifically written for a person with a disability. And like the proverbial "White Elephant" is ignored when these roles almost always go to able bodied actors!

This is not only an opinion, experienced everyday by the struggling actors for the entire history of motion pictures, but is detailed in the first ever report commission by the Screen Actors Guild in 2005. Click here to read more.

Abilities United Productions is a main contributor in this turning point in Hollywood by changing these attitudes producing films that are written by a person with a disability and featuring a character with a disability in the starring role of all of their films.

In addition to that will hire those actors with the same or similar disability as the character they are portraying.

Days of the Al Jolson's in a wheelchair are OVER!

Here at Abilities United, actors work with each other and a reversal of the injustices of characters and actors with a disability have finally begun.



Featured Actors

----------- Keith Cavill
Recent film credits include the award-winning documentary, “Murderball” (2005), MTV “Murderball” Publicity Commercials (2005). Keith has also guest appeared  at various Q&A sessions including the Sundance Film Festival debut screening of “Murderball”, exclusive City Tour press screenings and most recently, the New York City and Los Angeles premieres. He collaborated with Paramount Pictures, Think Films, Eat Films and MTV Networks to create an exclusive “Murderball” screening event at Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital, West Orange, NJ.

In addition to publicity work for Murderball on MTV, Keith has appeared on Larry King Live, HBO Real Sports, Regis and Kelly Live, The Today Show, and UPN 9 News, in addition he also was featured at a mentoring screening at The University of the Arts, in Philadelphia, for aspiring documentary filmmakers.  

Keith is now fielding offers to fulfill his aspirations in acting. Those include more documentaries, as well as into feature films, television, made-for-TV films, and commercials.  

A little bio on Keith: 
In August 2003, Keith Cavill broke his neck in a motocross accident, on a faulty track at Raceway Park, in Englishtown, New Jersey. At 22, Keith joined the approximately 11,000 people who incur a spinal cord injury every year—he went from motocross racer to quadriplegic, instantly.            

While rehabilitating at Kessler Institute in West Orange, NJ, Keith was introduced to a pair of filmmakers who were working on a documentary called “Murderball,” aka quad rugby. (Quadriplegics play the full-contact sport in custom-made, specially-adapted wheelchairs). Mark Zupan, an internationally known Paralympics quad rugby star and the lead subject role in Murderball accompanied the filmmakers to Kessler. Upon meeting Mark, Keith’s curiosity peaked—he instantly wanted to try the adapted wheelchair. Once in the chair, Keith had his second, life-changing moment. “I was hooked. Nothing has given me this kind of a rush since motocross.” Keith was offered a role in the documentary. Upon acceptance, he ultimately offered audiences a candid look at the world of rehabilitation and the trials endured of a newly injured quadriplegic.

The film received unanimous, rave reviews and won the Documentary Audience Award and the Special Jury Prize for Editing at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, as well as Best Documentary awards in a half dozen festival competitions around the country. Keith’s experience in front of the camera and the frequent Q&A sessions following the screenings (nationwide) provided him with yet another life-changing moment—he discovered his potential as an actor. Keith is determined to set a new standard for actors with disabilities and to convey an unflinching honesty about his story and the story of all individuals with spinal cord disabilities.           

Keith is an enthusiastic and aggressive quad rugby player for the United Spinal Association Jets––where he’s been nicknamed “Hollywood.” He is a sought-after motivational speaker for United Spinal and a valuable mentor to others with spinal cord disabilities. Complementing his advocacy for the disabled community, Keith is auditioning in earnest for his aspirations in acting.

We are pleased to announce that we have cast Keith Cavill in the lead male role for our short film "Glacial Breeze" that is in pre-production. Keith will bring that special quality that we look for and will of course add to the authenicity that we provide here at Abilities United. We look forward to working with Keith on this project and in the future as well.

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