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Traveling is one of the largest expenses of discretionary money for those with a disability.

Can the Americans with a disability make such an impact on an industry?

In a report by Packaged Facts, a market research firm who have published the most comprehensive study on the disabled consumer market, "People with disabilities…have banded together with sufficient strength to be recognized as a market in their own right." Diversity Inc. adds that this "market segment is 54 million people strong, maintains an aggregate income that now exceeds $1 trillion and boasts $220 billion in discretionary spending power."

Mom and Dad in Wheelchair with son at National Park

Television Programs
Television is a great media if you consider all the avenues. The four major networks of commercial television is no longer the only option for audiences and for program creators. With commercial cable channels like FX, Spike, USA, Hallmark to name a few and premium channels like HBO and Showtime! All of them have original programming and it makes up a large portion of their revenue! While we are open as these being distribution outlets for our feature films but also for orginal programs created for television like "Independent Travels."


"Independent Travels" a television series that explores the accessible areas and activities of travelers with a disability."

"Independent does not mean being alone." Although some of the segments in the television show will feature individuals with a disability traveling alone, others will consist of groups of individuals with a disability, individuals with a disability and their able bodies friends, and or spouses and some will be families with children or mature parents with a disability or impairment. All will highlight the abilities and that there is still a lot of fun in traveling regardless of ones physical disability. With tips and helpful suggestions, Independent Travels is an exciting and fun paced program that highlights the diversity of travelers with disabilities ranging from the experienced explorers and adventurers to the family vacationers to the inexperienced first time travelers with a disability. Independent Travels follows those with different types of disabilities, from those with sight impairments to those with limited to no personal physical mobility.

Some of the activities in various episodes will include, sailing in sponsored regattas for those with disabilities on Lake Michigan then checking out the hot spots of the Windy City of Chicago. The amusement of Disney World, Epcot Center and Universal Studios while vacationing in Orlando. Scuba Diving in the Caribbean. Visiting the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Vietnam Wall Memorial and all the rest of the sites and sounds of the Nation's capital. Using adaptive equipment to ski down the slopes in Breckeinridge. The awe inspiring camping in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming or the Redwoods in Yosemite Park, California. US Open wheelchair tennis tournament and then explore the surfing and activities on the beaches of San Diego. Photography on an wheelchair accessible safari in Africa. Sea kayaking and sunset sailing in Baja. Parasailing off South Beach, Florida. Food, riverboats and Mardi Gras parties in the French Quarter in New Orleans. Island air tours in a wheelchair accessible helicopter and having a luau in Hawaii. And many, many more including travels to Europe, Australia, South America, Canada, and the South Pacific islands.

Everything from planned tours, do it yourself travels and cruise ship vacations. "Independent Travels" will offer helpful tips and tricks to travelers with a disability and additional resources for travels on the show will be found on the comprehensive supporting website. "Independent Travels" offers travelers an education in a fun, exciting and informative way without being clinical. All the while offering undeniable evidence that travels with a disability or impairment is a reality and completely possible for anyone and limited only to one's desires.

"Independent Travels" will appeal to those with disabilities, to family and friends of those with a disability and to the entire Baby Boomer generation as they approach and enter into retirement. "Independent Travels" is an exciting, inspiring and incredible show of strength, courage and determination to have fun traveling the world regardless of a person's physical abilities or limitations.

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