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Actors often find a rewarding and successful career in films. But Hollywood which touts itself as being some of the most inclusive groups in society, have shunned and discriminated against their own merely because of a disability.

Fo most in the industry it is really something that is invisible to them until there is one of the few roles specifically written for a person with a disability. And like the proverbial "White Elephant" is ignored when these roles almost always go to able bodied actors!

This is not only an opinion, experienced everyday by the struggling actors for the entire history of motion pictures, but is detailed in the first ever report commission by the Screen Actors Guild in 2005. Click here to read more.

Abilities United Productions is a main contributor in this turning point in Hollywood by changing these attitudes producing films that are written by a person with a disability and featuring a character with a disability in the starring role of all of their films.

Inaddition to that will hire those actors with the same or similar disability as the character they are portraying.

Days of the Al Jolson's in a wheelchair are OVER!

Here at Abilities United, actors work with each other and a reversal of the injustices of characters and actors with a disability have finally begun.



Featured Actors


Santina Muha

Santina began her love of acting on the stage while at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia in 1999. There she participated in several productions and had the lead role as Sandra in “The Flower” and in the lead role of Betty in “Sure Thing.” Santina also played Mercutio in “Romeo & Juliet” and as an ensemble cast in “Mercy Street.”

Back at home during her last two years at Toms River High School North in 2000 and 2001 she got to extend her stage experience in the title roles of “Rumpelstiltskin” and “Strega Nonna” as well in the role of Dame Jasper in “Me & My Girl” and in a supporting role for “Sugar”.

Santina’s passion for acting had her continue her education taking acting classes at Rutgers University, New Brunswick in 2002. Since then she has gone on to pursue her ambitions in acting in the past couple of years in television first as a guest hostess on a local cable access show called, “M.V.P” and in the pilot episode of “Freedom to Travel.” Now Santina has her own show, “SCI News and Views with Santina Muha” on an excitingly new internet network, EndeavorFreedom.TV’s.

 Santina also was the first wheeler to be a contestant on “Who wants to be a Millionaire” in November 2006.

Since July 2006, Santina has expanded her horizons by being a writer for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association. She looks forward to finding acting roles in film and continue to fuel her desires in the entertainment field.  

We are pleased to announce that we have cast Santina Muha in the lead female role for our short film "Glacial Breeze" that is in pre-production. Santina is talented and dedicated actress that will bring her beauty to the role which is a major factor in the story. We look forward to working with Santina on this project and on future projects as well.


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