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Actors often find a rewarding and successful career in films. But Hollywood which touts itself as being some of the most inclusive groups in society, have shunned and discriminated against their own merely because of a disability.

For most in the industry it is really something that is invisible to them until there is one of the few roles specifically written for a person with a disability. And like the proverbial "White Elephant" is ignored when these roles almost always go to able bodied actors!

This is not only an opinion, experienced everyday by the struggling actors for the entire history of motion pictures, but is detailed in the first ever report commission by the Screen Actors Guild in 2005. Click here to read more.

Abilities United Productions is a main contributor in this turning point in Hollywood by changing these attitudes producing films that are written by a person with a disability and featuring a character with a disability in the starring role of all of their films.

In addition to that will hire those actors with the same or similar disability as the character they are portraying.

Days of the Al Jolson's in a wheelchair are OVER!

Here at Abilities United, actors work with each other and a reversal of the injustices of characters and actors with a disability have finally begun.

Featured Actors

Danny Murphy Head Shot

----------- Danny Murphy
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Danny was injured in a diving accident in Oaks Bluff, Martha's Vineyard on August 8, 1974 leaving him a quadriplegic at age 19. He graduated from Stonehill College in 1979 majoring in Criminal Justice and then enjoyed a successful corporate career in Boston working for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Lotus

Development Corporation before deciding to relocate to Fort Lauderdale to develop businesses involving the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This was also when he became an avid sailor at the Shake A Leg organization in Miami. He was married in 1988 on Cape Cod and divorced in 1995. His acting career started shortly thereafter at the tender age of 40 and completely by accident.


Danny Murphy Full Shot


His old buddy, Peter Farrelly, who was with him on that fateful day in 1974, invited him to the premier of his film "Dumb and Dumber." When Peter asked Danny what he thought of the movie, Danny busted his chops by pointing out that there weren't any wheelchair users in the film. That led to an invitation to play a role in "Kingpin" and every Farrelly film since. Danny now resides in Los Angeles studying film and theatre, going after the business, and now producing as well.  


London title
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