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"London Time" an Official Finalist of the 2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival for Best Screenplay!


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Writers Statement:
"I want to let everyone know that Detective London is involved in some action scenes that may seem extreme for a wheelchair user to be in, but I can assure you that I do not write any that I could not do myself from my chair. One of the advantages to using an authentic writer writing about a featured chatacter with a disAbility.

Although there is one scene that is (not listed below) of the recurring nightmare London has that relives the night his wife and young daughter were killed, he was paralyzed, and was able bodied for a minute of screen time! It is a crucial scene toward London's character arch and I also plan, as an authentic director to use camera angles and a body double. This will capture the scene needed and demolish the common Hollywood excuse they use to hire a non-authentic actor to represent members of the disAbility minority by proving how it can be done while remaining authentic with a paraplegic actor!"
Larry N. Sapp II






I wrote a little bio, background to our Marci Waters character because she plays a very significant role in the story and to the character of Detective London. Of course this is primarily for those interested in the story and those actresses thinking about the role. Check it out.

Marci Waters

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1. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief: an authentic account by an eyewitness.

2. Having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship; not counterfeit or copied: an authentic medieval sword.

The American Heritage®
Dictionary of the English Language,
Fourth Edition

Larry's Blog
London Time

Detective London's Dallas Police Badge

“Homicide Detective London, a paraplegic and old school cop is reunited both professionally and personally with Marci Waters and along with his younger partner, Detective Richmond, they try to solve a series of murders whose only common link is their profession in the entertainment news media.”

Title: London Time
Author: Larry N. Sapp II
Genre: Action Police Drama

Movie Synopsis

"Ironside" meets "Lethal Weapon" meets
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigators"



Detective London is a modern day, 21st century, Dirty Harry using a wheelchair, a paraplegic homicide cop whose actions surprise everyone including those who know him, and whose dislike for the news media is matched only by the fame that television has brought to forensic science, now more commonly known as Crime Scene Investigations (CSI). Because London takes every opportunity to express these opinions he has turned from a Public Relation's dream, as a returning police officer with a major disAbility, and into a nightmare that has the city’s Mayor and Chief of Police conspiring to get rid of during their election year.

London lives by the credo that it takes hard core street investigating, interrogating, gut feelings, and not high tech toys to solve today's crimes. Hard knocks and old school make sure London does his job very well, but also expresses his feelings without regard of others. This attitude often conflicts with London's previous partners and is somewhat the case with his latest, Detective Richmond, a younger, more in touch with the latest in culture, and sometimes a bit over-confident police officer who recently became a detective and is new to homicide.

Detective London, whose first name is a mystery to everyone but his parents, has real demons that simply don't care what his name is and haunts London with nightmares of the drunk driver that struck his car killing his beautiful wife and young daughter, leaving him paralyzed and alive if you call this living. Often London does not consider this living and has contemplated and even attempted suicide only to be thwarted, or saved depending on your perspective, by his job where he does have self worth and believes is where he can make a difference in this unjust world.

All runs according to London's Time until an old friend, Marci Waters returns to town. The two of them went through and graduated from the Police Academy together but Marci moved to the northeast only after a few months on the Dallas police force. There she continued her career in law enforcement even though it was put on hold while she graduated the university with a medical degree specific in research and development. Now Marci is top in crime scene investigations and actually is in town to accept the position of head of the forensics department. London soon re-evaluates or rather accepts there are some good in the CSI unit while he grows closer to Marci both professionally and personally as the two begin a romantic relationship!

London Time Mock Promo Poster

Meanwhile, London, Marci, and Detective Richmond work together to solve the recent murders that may or may not be linked to the same killer. The only thing the victims have in common is their profession. They were entertainment reporters in television and newspaper. After good investigating, following leads, intensive interrogating of suspects (that you just got to see to believe), and the evidence collected and processed from the crime scenes by Marci and her team, have all the signs eventually pointing to David Clayton, a business executive who was once a film studio executive. Clayton was fired a couple of years ago and has returned home to Dallas in order to run several successful businesses including a non-profit corporation he claims is to promote fair and ethical media coverage in the film industry. In fact it is a vehicle for Clayton to blackmail, threaten, and control the media reporters to say what he wants them to say and therefore control the entertainment press including the reviews on films, actors, directors, even studios. Clayton already has some success in blackmailing studios and plans to widen his enterprise to include the entire film industry. In his attempt to control the entertainment news media, some reporters have been strongly dealt with for not cooperating.

Now even London and Richmond's hard investigating with chasing legitimate and gut-check leads, interrogating suspects and the process of elimination, along with the high tech help from Marci and her crime scene investigators, there still isn't enough hard evidence to arrest or even bring Clayton in for questioning.

Is he responsible for the murders?

Will the team quit before the truth is revealed? If not, how are they going to prove what they know in their professional minds and personal hearts?

Will Clayton continue his stranglehold on the entertainment news media and hold the entire film industry hostage?

There is only one way to see the incredibly explosive ending to this intriguing crime drama that includes astonishing action, a little romance, and a unique perspective from a man with a disAbility and those around him - wait for it to be coming to a theatre near you! Unless you are a key player in participating in the production of this film - then request the screenplay!


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