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Of course for the protection of everyone this script is registered with the Writers Guild of America and Copyrighted. So feel free to read "Rolling Through Life ." listed below.
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Some of the first pages have blank areas at the beginning or top of the page. They actually begin at the bottom of the page as I copied only from the beginning of the specific scene which rarely begins at the top of the page! This was to maintain the original script format. Converting to Adobe caused some spaces. This is only on the first page. Scroll down to the bottom and continue scrolling for the remaining pages of the scene.


"A paraplegic encounters people and circumstances in the city and suburbs as he chases his spare wheelchair wheel before it's lost forever."
Movie SynopsisThe idea behind this short film:

"Rolling Through Life" is the day in the life of a "wheeler"(one who uses a wheelchair as a primary mode of mobility.) Coming across obstacles in way of people, circumstances and the physical structure of the world in which we live, a paraplegic man must chase after his spare wheelchair wheel as it rolled away from him when he was taking it in for repairs. No this is not a Stephen King "Christine" when an inanimate objects breathes life! But it is an exaggeration as the spare wheel rolls through traffic, people, obstacles and we see the character being patient, diligent, serious, humorous and even understanding when others are not! Of course in the end as he is on the brink of giving up he is rewarded beyond his goals!

Style and Format:

The style is similar to that in Glacial Breeze where this too has no dialogue and the audience is forced to evaluate their position and reactions if they were in his place or in the place of the otehr characters whom he comes in contact with. Ultimately reaching our goal of helping the able bodied to relate more to those with a disability. The format is currently undetermined until further developments can oriceed.


Larry is the writer, director and producer on this short film. Currently this is still in development. We have selected "Glacial Breeze" as our next project because of concern that some people might percoeve this story might perpetuate the very stereotype we are trying to break! Showing the hardships of one who has a disability. But some have argued that this story actually just shows the day in the life of one with a disability and how they overcome daily adversity and obstacles inherent in being a person with a disability in today's society! That may very well be, but for now we are going forward with "Glacial Breeze" into production.  


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