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Some of the first pages have blank areas at the beginning or top of the page. They actually begin at the bottom of the page as I copied only from the beginning of the specific scene which rarely begins at the top of the page! This was to maintain the original script format. Converting to Adobe caused some spaces. This is only on the first page. Scroll down to the bottom and continue scrolling for the remaining pages of the scene.

"After a serious accident, a paraplegic has several scenes from his life primarily of his filmmaking career whose films feature characters with a disability flash before his eyes. But is it a flash back or flash forward? Is it the life he has lived or the destiny of the life he could live if he fights to survive in the Emergency Room? "
Movie Synopsis

The idea behind this short film:

This one is semi-autobiographical for Larry and turned out to be one that he could feature a scene from each of his currently written scripts and show what else Abilities United has to produce into a feature film. Larry began to incorporate his own dreams of the future with the reality of what was written into scripts. He really liked the idea of the end where it turns out that the main character who we have followed this whole since entering the Emergency Room at the Hospital through all the scenes that "flashed before his eyes" only to find out that even though the final "flash" of him as an older man, it was not of the life he led, but of the one he could live if he fought and pulled through the injuries that brought him to the hospital.

Style and Format:

Like all of our films,we plan to shoot on 35mm. Of course with our new digital age and the cost effectiveness it is always a possiblity.


Due to the length and locations needed to shoot this short film, we are not currently working on the production of this script. We will as soon as possible. Check back for updates.


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