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"Glacial Breeze" Special Thanks:

Here we want to recognize the special heroes that have donated to help make the short film, "Glacial Breeze" and will be listed on the end credits of the film. Thank you all!

Here is the first to donate money to the production of this essential film and we want to make a special thank you to 1. Cinda Sapp Pace





Did you want to be added as one who will help make a historic "turning point" in American cinema? Then please visit Glacial Breeze's IndieGoGo Webpage and make a donation! Thanks!


For direct and/or private donations of talent, services, products, and/or money for the production of this essential film - feel freel to Contact Me Personally



au·then·tic: (ô-thěn'tĭk)
1. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief: an authentic account by an eyewitness.

2. Having a claimed and verifiable origin or authorship; not counterfeit or copied: an authentic medieval sword.

The American Heritage®
Dictionary of the English Language,
Fourth Edition

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Glacial Breeze

Glacial Breeze Screenplay graphic

"A glance, a look, a flirt toward that attractive person across the room, the hall, the restaurant! It happens all the time and can be magical but how long will that love at first sight or the physical attraction and desire last once they get to see the whole person!"

Title: Glacial Breeze
Author: Larry N. Sapp II
Genre: Short Film Romantic Dramadey





Here are the updates fot the production of the short film, "Glacial Breeze"! Please visit this page to see the progress and be a part of doing the right thing in portraying and representing those with a disAbility in the entertianment media!


October 25, 2010: Went live with the crowd funding website IndieGoGo's "Glacial Breeze" page! Making a beginning social media campaign inviting friends to visit new IndieGoGo site but mainly working toward securing the two lead cast members before the major marketing campaign!

November 10, 2010: Made a new main picture for "Glacial Breeze" promo:

Glacial Breeze Promo Pic

Added this new promo picture to the Abilities United home page and the "Glacial Breeze" IndieGoGo webpage! Also made some significant text changes to the "Glacial Breeze" descriptions on both webpages!

November 15, 2010: Breaking News - last week actors Teal Sherer and Toby Forrest have accepted the parts of the two leading characters, Marisa and McQueen! Both are fantastic and multi-talented and authentic performers with a disAbility!

Teal Sherer

Teal Sherer
eal is very busy in a lot of activities and consistently works in television, film, and theatre. Many recognize her from the national television commercial for Liberty Mutual. Her beauty and magnetic personality have people drawn to her wherever she is! Along with her professional experience and talent makes a perfect casting to play Marisa in "Glacial Breeze".

To learn more about Teal visit:, and

Toby Forrest
Toby has the natural essence of cool to play McQueen (character I named after Steve McQueen!) and is a non-stop artist. He is an actor and a rock star! He is the lead singer in the band Cityzen that rocks clubs all over! He has also acted in an episode of the new CBS Primetime television show, "The Defenders" in which he was fantastic! Toby will bring to life the character of McQueen that I envisioned when writing "Glacial Breeze"!

Toby Forrest

To learn more about Toby visit:, and

Check back often for new Updates!